Internationale Gesellschaft der F.X. Mayr Ärzte

Training courses in diagnostics and therapy

According to our observations there has been for some time now a decline in course participants. We have been following up the causes intensively. The result was that it’s too costly and time-intensive to close the practice for two weeks. Times have not become easier for physicians, so we decided to adjust the structure of the courses to modern hectic schedules. It is still urgently required that every course participant experiences first hand at least one two-week F.X.Mayr therapy. Therefore, the A course lasts two weeks as before.

All other courses are reduced to one week each. Instead, there is going to be a total of four courses in future instead of three. The refresher courses, referred to as D courses, are going to be called “"Mayr aktuell Kurse". Courses also allow participants to gain some practical experience of our medical methods in order to form their own opinion if they should start training as a Mayr physician.

Furthermore, four courses per year facilitate overall a shorter training duration because between the courses, skills may be consolidated by practice. 
The sequence of A, B, C and D courses must be fulfilled. Only B and C courses may be switched.

Hopefully, we have made the Mayr physician training courses more attractive and family-friendly and have adjusted the conditions to the increased competition in professional life.

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